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PPT slides and full text

Is there a way for me to view the PPT slides and the full text in the same MindTap tab of the browser? I think it would be helpful for a student to look at the review and open the chapter at the same time on the same screen.

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Re: PPT slides and full text

Hello, @C_Borne


Welcome to The Community!


Yes, you and your students have options here. 


1) If you use MindTap stand alone (and don't integrate it in your Learning Management System), you and your students can use the split screen functionality by opening the ebook from the app doc (on the righthand side of the page). This will show the book on the righthand side of the screen. Then, open the PowerPoint activity from the Learning Path, which will show on the lefthand side of the screen. 


2) If this doesn't work because you have PowerPoint launching as an application, then students can still split their screens on their individual computers. They can choose to do so horizontally or vertically--whatever they prefer! 


To do so in Windows, click on one of the tabs in the Windows Taskbar and then press and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard. While holding down the CTRL key, click on the other tab in the Taskbar. They should both be selected now (they should have a darker background than the other tabs).

split screen

Now that both applications are selected in the Taskbar, right-click on either one and choose Tile Vertically from the options.

split monitor


I hope one of these options meets your class needs, but if you have further questions or need more guidance, let us know.