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Obtaining SAM Codes for the High School CCP folks

Is anyone else having issues getting SAM codes for the local CCP high schools? We are striking out - schools are paying and not receiving codes. Trial period has been over and now students have no access. Frustrating. Anyone know how to get help to resolve the issues? I've called/emailed the Cengage high school reps, their boss, and Cengage technical support, with no resolution. I have been told several times over the last two weeks that the case has been escalated. Help! (I'd really like to have all 50 of our high school CCP classes utilize SAM, but can't do that until this issue with codes and the obtaining codes process is resolved.) We love SAM, but the struggle is real.

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Re: Obtaining SAM Codes for the High School CCP folks

Sorry you are running into these issues. I would once again contact your Cengage Rep, they have the capability to offer an extension of the SAM codes until the issues are resolved.