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My students cannot see activities I post in MindTap. They are all registered but activities do not show up on their site.

I am using MindTap and I can see the activities I post with due dates but the students cannot.  At the beginning of the semester, they could see them.  Any advice?  



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Re: My students cannot see activities I post in MindTap....

I know this seems like a silly question, but did you hide them possibly from student view?  You can still see hidden items yourself if you toggle the switch to see them, but they won't.

Be sure you have checked show hidden and have the edit options checked in my first screenshot.  The second screenshot shows that item as visible and the third screenshot shows as hidden.


9-18-2019 1-44-36 PM.png


9-18-2019 1-44-51 PM.png


9-18-2019 1-44-23 PM.png