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My Mindtap grades have stopped syncing to D2L. We are almost done with the semester, and I have no idea how to fix this.

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I didn't assign every assignment, so I don't know if I should sync the "full gradebook" or go in and do it for one assignment at a time.
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Thanks: I am the only person with access to the course, so nothing has changed except the grades stopped syncing.
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The students just started cheering. It seems re-syncing manually worked!
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Re: My Mindtap grades have stopped syncing to D2L. We are...



I checked the Cengage Techcheck and there have been no reported issues with Mindtap.  Before you mess too much I would call the Cengage Help Desk and have them look at your course.  The number is 866-267-4986.  It would be best to have them look at everything first.


Good Luck!