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Modify the question-wording or response choices in CNOW Chapter exams (on MindTap platform)?


I know how to modify content, edit the quiz, add or delete items and such global changes. However, there are many items which are poorly worded or the options provided include more than one that could be the right answer which I do not know how to modify. Does anyone know how to modify an existing item for grammar and change the multiple-choice options provided?



@Audrey_Wick Thank you for those suggestions. Sorry, I am a new user. Clicked on various locations to see how to respond to your comment. Presently, I do the editing you suggested, but end up throwing out some questions which could be good if I could tweak/edit them. That is where I am struggling.
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Re: Modify the question-wording or response choices in CN...

@rdutta, no apology necessary. You are absolutely on the right track, and it sounds like you are already doing great with the class by taking an active role in what your students are seeing.  :-)


In CNOW, editing options are NOT available once a student has taken an assignment. So if you are trying to edit an assignment that's currently open or that even one student has attempted, you will not be able to make changes. For future assignments, however, you should see the options from the screenshots. But @Sandy_Keeter is right: if you see actual errors---grammar, content, wording--point those out to the development team. That way, inaccuracies can be corrected.  


What is your discipline, and which book are you using? That may also help us better see the exact options available.