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Mindtap Due Date View for Students

Thanks for answering so quickly. But I really loved the due date view. How do students know the due dates of assignments now?

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Great Answers (1)

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Re: Mindtap Due Date View for Students

Students can see the due dates for assignments in my courses in two ways. The first is they can see the due dates listed underneath the assignments in the Outline View. Here is an example from my course:


Outline View.png


Students can also choose to toggle to a calendar view (known as "week view") in order to see assignments week by week. I don't prefer this because of the way I use Mastery Training, but you may like students using this view instead. I also put all of my due dates in my syllabus so that they can use it as a guide to their course.


Here is how they would toggle to week view:

Week View.png

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Re: Mindtap Due Date View for Students

One additional due date feature I add to my class, @Kelly_Hinson, is to let students know in each folder when the week's activities come to an end. I have Sunday due date for my online class, and this is reflected by adding those dates to each folder. It looks like this in my account, and my Digital Support Services team was able to help me through Cengage.


Weekly Dates.png

So in addition to adding the due dates in batch editing, placing the dates on my syllabus and placing them here helps keep everyone organized.


Good luck!




Re: Mindtap Due Date View for Students


What I do is set the default view to the Roling Date View. The assignments for the week are displayed when to students open MindTap. Here is a snapshot of one of my courses in the Rolling Date View:




Re: Mindtap Due Date View for Students

In the past students saw due dates in weekly view and unit view. You still have the option of showing students those two views basically, but they look different!