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MindTap grade syncing?

Is anybody else having trouble getting their MindTap grades to sync into their Brightspace (D2L) gradebook?  I've been doing this successfully for years, but they're not syncing in any of my sections this semester.  Brightspace just underwent a "facelift" and there have been some changes in MindTap, so I'm wondering if there's an internal glitch somewhere.  Even an attempt at a manual sync didn't work!


I think I'll try a tech support ticket and let my LC know. He's exceptionally good with the tech stuff! It really seems like an internal glitch to me, maybe something they'll see with other faculty, too. Thanks, all!
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LET us know the resolution please! It might help the rest of us out..Smiley Happy
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@Sandy_Keeter, the comment this morning from @Matthew_Anneken is incredibly helpful. My LC and I have been able to make some manual adjustments that have gotten the ball rolling, but I'll be following up on Michael's comment. I hope things are going well for you!
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Re: MindTap grade syncing?

Hello, @Amy_Myers


I just wanted to follow up on this concern with grade syncing. 


I am getting used to the BrightSpace changes in D2L, and I have now found this explanation that may be helpful to you as well:


In short, "You must explicitly release the evaluation information to learners by tapping Publish All in the submission list view or Publish in the individual submission view. When the grades and feedback you have applied are released to learners, the grading status of the submissions changes to Published."


Hope this helps!