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MindTap grade syncing?

Is anybody else having trouble getting their MindTap grades to sync into their Brightspace (D2L) gradebook?  I've been doing this successfully for years, but they're not syncing in any of my sections this semester.  Brightspace just underwent a "facelift" and there have been some changes in MindTap, so I'm wondering if there's an internal glitch somewhere.  Even an attempt at a manual sync didn't work!


I think I'll try a tech support ticket and let my LC know. He's exceptionally good with the tech stuff! It really seems like an internal glitch to me, maybe something they'll see with other faculty, too. Thanks, all!
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LET us know the resolution please! It might help the rest of us out..Smiley Happy
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@Sandy_Keeter, the comment this morning from @Matthew_Anneken is incredibly helpful. My LC and I have been able to make some manual adjustments that have gotten the ball rolling, but I'll be following up on Michael's comment. I hope things are going well for you!
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Re: MindTap grade syncing?

Hello, @Amy_Myers,


I appreciate you posting about this. We use Desire2Learn with the new Brightspace "facelift" at my college, and while we were told that the updates would provide a fresh interface, we are finding there are some functional changes that are causing us to relearn how to do certain things. For instance, email is slightly different for us, as are third-party connections like those with MindTap, Turnitin dropbox integrations, etc.


If you haven't already done so, speak with your institution's Tech. Support to see if there's an additional step to perform grade syncing in this new D2L/Brightspace environment. I can't currently speak to that because I am using MindTap stand-alone: my students complete the business side of the course in D2L (announcements/overviews/emails/general help discussions), and then they log-in to MindTap to complete the academic side of the course (reading the ebook/Aplia assignments/CNOW activities/research and tutoring/essay submissions). The full Progress app and gradebook is working just fine for me in MindTap standalone, so as a temporary work-around to the issue you are experiencing, you should be able to fall back on using that. Maybe even using the import/export feature in the meantime will keep you moving forward until the D2L gradebook gets back on track. 


However, if you or anyone else reading this thread learns something new regarding grade syncing in D2l?Brightspace, please post. I know that will be helpful to other instructors in the same boat as us with these LMS changes.  :-)