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MindTap.Some students say they're not being allowed more than 1 attempt. Exactly how must students proceed in order to have access to all attempts?

What is the subject matter for your course and the MT book you are using?
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Graveter et al, Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (9th), LMS integration with Blackboard. Trying to determine exactly what to tell students to do and what NOT to do in order to guarantee access to 3 chances (already set up).
Perfect; so it sounds like @Audrey_Wick addressed that in her reply..:). Good luck!
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Re: MindTap.Some students say they're not being allowed m...

Hello, @williamsp,


Thanks for posting about this.


It sounds like you might be wanting to set more attempts on the Aplia activities in MindTap. That's what I've done in the past, and it's a great option to give your students to help them learn more from these skill-and-drill type activities.


To set three attempts per Aplia activity:

1) Slide the "edit" bar at the top of your Learning Path in order to access editing features.

2) Click the box next to the Aplia activity you wish to edit. Then click the pencil icon for "Edit."

3) Select "Batch actions" at the bottom of the page and "Edit settings." A new window will appear.

4) This is where you want to make sure each activity is set to be "Graded," not labeled as "Practice."


Then, you can close out of that editing window. To double-check default Aplia settings, click on the actual Aplia icon from the app dock on the righthand side of the page. Choose your preferred scoring method: "average," "do no harm," or "keep the highest."


You may want to remind students that if they want to use their three attempts, they need to click "Try Another Version" instead of the "I'm done. Grade it Now" button. The later closes out the activity while the former moves them from their first attempt to their second and then, if they choose, to a third and final one. Here's a link to the Aplia Brief User Manual that you may want to link in your course, or you could copy certain screenshots from here to share with students:


I hope this helps, but if this doesn't address your concern, let us know.