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Looking for input on Cengage student analytics feature

I work in product develoopment at Cengage.  In one of our products (Aplia) we have an analytics capability that allows instructors to see how a class or individual students are doing on assignements or even specific problems.  This capability makes it easy to highlight problems that are giving the class or specific students problems.   We are wresting with whether to include in the analytics the results of students who have not attempted an assignment at all.  By not attempted, I mean the due date has passed and the student has not attempted the assignment at all.  The gradebook will show a score of 0, but should we factor the 0 into the analytics or only include results in analytics for problems that have at least been attempted?  Thanks for your input!

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Re: Looking for input on Cengage student analytics feature

Hi Mike.  Including them in the analytics would be helpful if it was a separate measure.  As Jenny has indicated instructors are able to view who hasn't completed the assignment to provide individual intervention, but having that information in analytics so that we could also have the aggregate view would be helpful.  It may or may not reflect an avoidance issue, or could also be a scheduling (due date) factor so as instructors we can then utilize that information to modify our courses, provide additional assistance, etc...  However, if you're asking whether to include it in just the single performance measure (i.e. average grade on an assignment) that we're using to view which concepts our students may be struggling with, then I definitely think '0' grades (due to non-attempt) should be excluded or could skew the average and perhaps cause flawed conclusions.  Thank you for asking us!  It's nice to be able to have input into that product development, to maximize it's utility for all of us.