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Looking for an introductory macroeconomics book and midtap for a community college course.

My college will be switching to Cengage publications in the Spring of 2019.   I teach at a very small community college in NJ.  I need a text which is not to technical and brings in real world examples.  Additionally, I would like a text supported by a MindTap which had various materials available.  One text I looked at had only one assessment available for each chapter.  


I appreciate any feedback,

Sarah Tery

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Re: Looking for an introductory macroeconomics book and m...

Hi, Sarah!


I teach both micro and macroeconomics at a community college in Champaign, IL, across town from the University of Illinois. We have used the Mankiw text for the last few years with great success.  The MindTap tools are extensive and my students find them to be most helpful. 


There are multiple types of quizzes/assignments for each chapter (usually three), plus some other cool things like case studies.  These assignments are not your typical multiple choice assignments; they incorporate a lot of graphs, calculations, and questions that really make them apply the concepts.  Most of these are set up in Aplia, so there are multiple versions of the same questions and extensive explanations of how to get the answers are included.  The text itself seems to be at a good level for my community college students, but some of the online exercises are pretty challenging, so I delete the questions that go beyond the scope of what we cover in my class. 


My favorite app within MindTap is the Adaptive Test Prep, which has questions that are more similar to the testbank questions than the other quizzes described above.  I don't assign this for credit, but students use it a LOT.  There is an explanation for each of these questions, too.


Let me know if you have any other questions about the Mankiw text or the MindTap tools.  I really like both!