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Looking at Cengage. Have used Wiley for years. Pros/Cons of Cengage?

We're a MN 2 Yr College.  We teach ACCT:

  • Looking at Cengage given some of the Unlimited ideas to save students costs.  
  • Pros to Cengage
  • Cons of Cengage
  • Other important considerations:
    • Content value of Warren Reeves FIN MAN text vs others--Weygandt/WileyPLUS
    • Ease and versatility of Exam creation:
      • OL and In-Class
    • Have you used the Adaptive Learning tool(s)
    • How's the Homework selection?
  • Mindtap--your experience in ACCT classes?

Great Answers (1)

Great Answers (1)


Re: Looking at Cengage. Have used Wiley for years. Pros/C...



Great question. While I teach English and am a chair at a community college in Mississippi, my undergraduate degree actually is in accounting (but that's a story for another day).


Like you, I helped direct a few years ago a departmental-wide switch of digital learning materials from another publisher to Cengage. From that experience, I might suggest you add another consideration to your list. It's one that for me has been Cengage's biggest "pro" point. 


Adopting new technology platforms always comes with learning curves and the inevitable hiccup or two. While I love Cengage's materials for English, the separation in its content from the content of its competitors, while better, in my opinion, was not necessarily deal breaking.


What was was clearly deal breaking, and where Cengage had markedly better separation from its competitors, was in its support,  and by support, I mean its people.  The training Cengage provided, the accessibility when questions popped up, the quick response times, all of it. From having been in a very bad situation with a previous publisher to being in a very good situation with Cengage, all I can say is that great content with poor support equals not so good content. 


I hope your search for materials goes well!  


Greg Underwood

Dept. Chair--English

Pearl River Community College--Forrest County Center

Hattiesburg , MS




Answers (2)

Answers (2)

Re: Looking at Cengage. Have used Wiley for years. Pros/C...

Hello Steve,


I'm at a two year, community college and we are in our second year of using  Mindtap for for US History.  We are only using the ebook and Mindtap and have had great success.  Our early studies show that our students perform a letter grade better than we anticiapted based on their GPA and we have seen a decrease in our withdrawal rate. 


Mindtap integrates seemlessly with Moodle and we have not had any technical glitches.  It's been a breeze.  While unlimited is new, we are going to go that route for all of our history courses in the fall and probablky others in our department.  If you have more specific questions just let me know and I'll try to answer them.




Re: Looking at Cengage. Have used Wiley for years. Pros/C...

Hi, Steve! I teach economics and use MindTap, but many of my students are also in accounting classes. This semester, I've been hearing students talk before my class starts about their accounting class. I don't usually butt into their conversations, but they were pretty intense and I finally asked what was going on. 


Theyused a textbook with MindTap last semester, but their course this semester uses a product from a different publisher. They have been very disappointed with the online tools this semester, particularly the lack of feedback they get on assignments. They miss the detailed explanations and the opportunity to try again with a similar problem, saying that they are not actually learning how to solve the problems and feel lost this semester. They all miss MindTap!


Sorry I can't give you the specific information you requested, but I hope this second hand feedback from my students is helpful.