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Journals in MindTap

Hello Again Faculty Partners,


When students type their journals in MindTap, is there a way for them to save their journals in one document at the end of the semester? 


Thank you.




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Great Answers (1)

Valued Contributor

Re: Journals in MindTap



You may want to explore options through the Pathbrite app. Even after the semester ends and MindTap access disappears, a student can still have access through the life of his/her academic career by uploading content here. The content can be document-based, but there are additional options for images, media, and more. So having students save their journals here as part of a digital portfolio might be a good option. Here's a quick YouTube video with information about Pathbrite: 


Hope this helps!  



Answers (1)

Answers (1)


Re: Journals in MindTap



There is a great feature in the title NOTEBOOK. This tool uses EVERNOTE and students are able to save their MindTap’s NoteBook. They can save their journals/notebook for their course.  I would recommend this tool since it can be saved on their own resources in Evernote and organize all their journals and notes!


How cool is that they could archive their college resources even better than the Trapper Keeper!