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Is there any way I can edit the power point slides for my class?

Finding mistakes is time comsuming -- going back and redoing grades and explaining things again because the slide is wrong - and I want to be able to edit the power point slides within my class.

Is there a way to do that?

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Frequent Commenter

Re: Is there any way I can edit the power point slides fo...

The PPT Decks that are available for download from the Instructor Resource Center that accompanies your text are "live" and can be edited. Log into your Cengage Instructor account, select your text (or add it to your content), use the link at the bottom left of the window for Instructors Resources and download the deck(s). Keep in mind that not all text offerings have associated PPT content available.


Personally I save them as PPT Shows after my edits and before posting to our LIMS so the content stays pure during the semester.


Hope this helps!