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Is there a way to reset a skills exam attempt in MindTap?

Trying to find out how to give a student a third attempt on a skills exam if they need one? This can happen if the student was in the middle of a test and their browse closes without warning due to a power outage or some unforseen circumstance.


Inquiry minds would like to know.

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Re: Is there a way to reset a skills exam attempt in Mind...

 If a student has a problem mid-test and earns a low score, I usually just delete the attempt. To do that, enter the MindTap gradebook. Scroll down and choose the name of the student and then scroll down the list and select the test in question. In the pop-up box, you will see the attempts that have been completed. Click the delete button for the one you want the student to re-take. After you do so, the student will see that they have one attempt remaining.


There are also options in the pop up box to view the attempt (to see where the error may have occurred or to check if a student finds an error in a specific question/answer) or edit/change the score, if necessary.