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Is there a way to know which students in a course have temporary licenses?

I am using MindTap. Is there a way to see which students are enrolled in a course under temporary licenses?

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Re: Is there a way to know which students in a course hav...

I sometimes receive an email from our Cengage rep. or digital learning consultant/specialist (who helps with setting up the CNOW accounts for our faculty and also help manage the assignments) that include the names of students who have temporary licenses that are about to expire. But I don't get it always although I believe you can always request it. What I do is send an email to the entire class around Week 2 reminding them to check their licenses and convert to permanent ones, as needed, otherwise they may lose the work done. This usually works.


Also, as a side, I believe the work can be retrieved sometimes with the help of Cengage tech support even if a student's license expires but it's better to not let that happen.