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If I copy a course and make changes in either course, will it automatically change the material in the other course?

I am preparing a course in MindTap and I am not through, but I need to copy what I have so far into another course. When I go back to make future changes, will they automatically update in the other course?

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Re: If I copy a course and make changes in either course,...

Hello, @keita_kornegay

This is an important step, so I want to make sure you don't make a mistake with digital content. 

No, if you are working directly in MindTap (where content is not linked to a Learning Management System with deep links), then if you copy one course and make changes, any additional changes you make in the original course will NOT automatically apply. 


One solution (if both sections are yours) is to keep the courses merged. You could have one single course for all students. Alternately, you can use the master course creation solutions provided by @Sandy_Keeter and @Maggie_Major


Also, here's a general .pdf reference guide for using MindTap:


Good luck this semester! And let The Community know if you need further assistance.