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I no longer use MindTap but cannot remove MT columns from BB Learn Gradebook even though all links are removed from the course

My department moved to a different publisher last summer.  No problem in most of my courses.  But in one class, even though I removed ALL MindTap activity links from the class, I cannot delete them from the gradebook.   There are a LOT of them and I just want them gone....   


Sure I can hide them, but they are all worth points and are throwing off the gradebook total.   I don't really want to go through and edit each one to reduce the points to zero or make sure they aren't adding to the total.  You have to do that 1-by-1 in Blackboard.  


Blackboard Learn 9.1 is the LMS.   Again, all folders of MindTap activities are GONE from the course - the Links are GONE and have been since AUGUST!.  But the gradebook columns are still there and Blackboard thinks they are linked to something, so will not let me delete them.   


Any suggestions are appreciated!  


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Re: I no longer use MindTap but cannot remove MT columns...

Thank you Audrey,


I have gone to the grade center and then to the Manage Columns page and attempted to select all of these Mindtap activities that no longer link to anything in my course.  I try to delete them and nothing happens.  So clearly BB thinks they ARE still linked to something in my course, though there are absolutely NO Mindtap links anywhere - I have double and triple checked.   


My Blackboard course is not linked to any MindTap course at all.  I suppose I could try re-linking it, readding all the excercises, then deleting them all AGAIN, but that could leave me with 2x as many useless columns in my grade center.  


And yes, I can bulk-hide them from my students or myself, but they are still there messing up the total points.   To keep them from affecting the point total, I would have to one-at-a-time edit each separate Mindtap column.   Now, in the US history Mindtap product for Norton (US History) there are 6-9 exercises PER CHAPTER and we cover 13 or so chapters....    So that would take a VERY long time. 


I'm hoping someone here knows a trick for this - is there some hidden Mindtap link somewhere that isn't visible?   I've checked to make sure the course isn't connected and it's not.  But something left over from when I deleted everything?    I don't need to know how to link my class to MindTap.  I did that for 5 years, every semester.  I need to know how to get rid of "phantom" gradebook columns!