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I'm looking to get a desk copy of the following book, can you get me to the right place? I've requested already, but heard nothing back?9781305879171

New Perspectives Microsoft® Office 365 & Office 2016: Introductory




Copyright: 2016

Publisher: Cengage Learning


I REALLY need to get this ASAP because I was asked to cover for a colleague with health issues next semester.


My email is


Thank you,


Robert Wine

Great Answers (2)

Great Answers (2)

Valued Contributor

Re: I'm looking to get a desk copy of the following book,...

Hello, @Robert_Wine,


Since you have already placed an order for the book, you may want to call Instructor Support to check on the status: 1-800-990-8211. If you placed your order with your institution's local Learning Consultant through email, then the book may be in the system but not yet mailed. With a follow-up, it could possibly be rush-shipped to you. Alternately, if you placed a request digitally and haven't heard anything, then perhaps there's some other technical hiccup.


If you haven't already done so, you can get immediate ebook access by adding this title to your dashboard. Since you're an instructor, you can open this to see the Table of Contents, read the chapters, and even be linked to digital Instructor Resources.

Sounds like you'll have a busy spring semester! Good luck, and please know there are lots of colleagues here to help you. 🙂




Re: I'm looking to get a desk copy of the following book,...

As @Audrey_Wick mentioned, you can get immediate access to this electronically. I would suggest adding the new perspectives collection to your dashboard and then you will find Everything you need - all chapter reading and SAM assignments. I use this series so if you have Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! 

Sandy Keeter



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