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I am interested in using chapters from two Cengage books for a single course. Is it possible to do this in MIndTap?


Camm et. al. Essentials of Business Analytics

Albright and Winston Business Analytics: Data Analysis and Decision Making

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Re: I am interested in using chapters from two Cengage bo...

Yes, there are a few different ways you can use multiple texts in Mindtap.  Before Cengage unlimited, your students would be charged for two MT keys or two textbooks, but with Cengage Unlimited, everything is included!  As for how your students access the material, I find deeplinking the two textbooks, and assessments in my LMS is easiest for all.  But I know others that switch between two MT courses or add all material/instructions to one MT course.  You can get more info from your LC and CSM.  Good luck!