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I actually have 2 questions please: 1. In the Kaltura app,is there a way to create folders to better organize my lecture video uploads from my view?

MindTap and Kaltura

Thanks to each of you for this info. I have all the videos in folders within each unit, and they're linked in Moodle. I was hoping to better organize my view in kaltura, and I'll check out that link when I have some time. Just glancing it, I can already tell it's got some helpful info regarding other ideas for Kaltura. Thanks!
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Re: I actually have 2 questions please: 1. In the Kaltura...

Hello, @Marie_Mackey


You sound just like me: I like to stay organized, too.   :-)  However, I don't believe you can add digital folders in the Kaltura app (someone else in The Community can correct me if I'm wrong).


However, remember that anything you put in Kaltura can be directly added to the students' learning path. That is one way to help keep them organized. Here's a screenshot of what I added so students can see it as their Week One folder unfolds, which is right when/where I want them to access it: 

Kaltura screenshot.png

If you're interested in adding something from Kaltura directly into the student's learning path (to pair it with a textbook assignment, another video, or some of your instruction), the process is simple. Here are step-by-step directions:


Sounds like you are well on your way toward organizing a great class! Good luck!