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How to use just a couple of assignments per week? How do I change the points an assignment is worth?

I'm using Mind Tap for The Least You Should Know About English.  I only want to assign one or two exercises per week? Is there an easier way to approach this other than deleting most of a unit? 


Also, how do I change how many points an assignment is worth?

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Re: How to use just a couple of assignments per week? How...

 I am so sorry for my typos in the last message. I just had elbow surgery and I’m using one hand and text talk. As much as I try to correct my errors, my iPhone seems to revert back to the errors as soon as I send the messages!


Deep linking assignments in your learning management system is basically creating a link from your LMS back to the assignment in MindTap. The advantage to doing this is that all of those deeplinked  assignment grades will sync to your learning management system grade book.  


Many instructors like the learning path in mindtap to match the learning path in their LMS To keep students from getting confused. I simply tell my students to access all assignments from the LMS and not direct from mindtap to be sure they’re doing the correct ones.


I’ve also seen other instructors mark everything in mindtap as practice and then designate those they want graded  to come into their learning management system. There are so many ways to do what you are asking, and Cengage offers  a lot of support to help you with it. 


We have a lot of faculty partners so you may get a few more ideas on this thread. Good luck and let us know if we can help with anything else!