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How to use just a couple of assignments per week? How do I change the points an assignment is worth?

I'm using Mind Tap for The Least You Should Know About English.  I only want to assign one or two exercises per week? Is there an easier way to approach this other than deleting most of a unit? 


Also, how do I change how many points an assignment is worth?

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Re: How to use just a couple of assignments per week? How...

Rather than turning the things off in MindTap that you don’t want, you could simply bring in the  assignments  you do you want into your LMS.


And if you deeplink the assignments in your LMS then you can simply change the points there for how you want them to appear in your LMS grade book. If you can tell me which LMS you are using, I can send you details on how to do the deep linking and how to change the points.


If you decide to hide things in mind tap, you can ask your DSS for help in hiding anything you don’t want and editing the points for each assignment. You have the option to change points for each assignment or to set up groups and group weights in the mindtap progress app. Again, if I know what it is you’d  like to do then I can send you more detailed information.