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How to keep custom inline content in MindTap synchronized across multiple sections?

I like to add a lot of custom content to the MindTap reader, such as shared sticky notes and highlights, Kaltura videos, Excel demonstrations, etc. Sometimes, based on student questions and performance, I feel the need to add such content over the course of the semester. If I am teaching multiple sections of the same course (say, Section 1 and Section 2), I would like to be able to ensure that any content I add to one section also appears in the other automatically. I'm thinking a course master could help with this. If I create Section 1 and Section 2 from the same course master, can I then update the content in the master and have it flow to Sections 1 and 2 automatically? Or do I have to manually duplicate anything I do in one section in the other?


If it helps, I only care about synchronizing non-graded content. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Thank you for your reply. I can create the Master Course, no problem. The crux of my issue is whether updates to the master course propagate to the child courses automatically. I went ahead and started a support ticket, but I was just hoping there would be a (relatively) easy solution to keeping content synchronized that I had overlooked.
Kevin, I believe the master course will synchronize to the rest of the courses. Mine was originally set up as a Master and I ended up separating my course from the other instructors because I did not want their updates to sync to mine! I also merge a bunch of sections into one MT course, but have their grades separated by section in Canvas if that's a possibility for you.
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Re: How to keep custom inline content in MindTap synchron...


There is a function in MindTap that allows for a Master Course.  I would talk with tech support our a Cengage Consultant about moving your content into one and developing/revamping in that shell.  Hope this helps.