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How to introduce students to MindTap?

Does anyone have a video I can show my students on the first day of class?  Just to get them going quickly?

Excellent question! Cengage has lots of resources to help your students get acclimated with MindTap on the first day of class. You can find a number of student resources on our Engagement Services Site:
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There is an upcoming free webinar on getting started with MindTap that might be useful to you as well.  You can register for the event here:




I have to second the previous post. Cengage has made some really awesome vidoes here

Also if I'm not mistaken they have also poster this to YouTube.

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Re: How to introduce students to MindTap?

Hi Michael - I put together a 15 minute video ( that walks my students through the MindTap access through the Canvas LMS. The course I demo is for Criminal Justice (of course) but you are welcome to use it if it will help.


What I might suggest is that you create your own walk-through video. All you need is some free software like ScreenCast-o-Matic, or iSpring Free Cam 8, both offer screen capture ability. Here are a couple of short YouTube videos that will introduce you to these tools:


iSpring Free Cam

Once you've recorded what you want to use in future courses, I suggest you save it to your Google Drive,, or DropBox, so you always have access to it. ScreenCast-o-Matic will store videos less than 15min on their server for free, as well as on your local system. iSpring currently only saves to your local system. 

I think you'll see how simple it is to do a ScreenCast - but if you have any issues, feel free to reach out and I'll help you through it.


Good Luck!