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How is a mindtap ebook referenced using apa style?

Mindtap - I am wondering how is the ebook included in Mindtap referenced when you use APA 6 style? 

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Re: How is a mindtap ebook referenced using apa style?

Hello, @JudyCK,


Thank you for asking about this. Here is my suggestion for citing, which is an example from the textbook I use:  


A Chapter from a Book

List the chapter title after the date of publication, followed by a period or appropriate end punctuation. Use In before the book title, and follow the book title with the inclusive page numbers of the chapter.


Tattersall, I. (2002). How did we achieve humanity? In The monkey in the mirror (pp. 138–168). New York, NY: Harcourt.


You may want to specify to your students that they need to identify the platform as MindTap, but since APA style guidelines don't usually include that, leaving it off should be fine. And since the ebook is a direct replica of the print book, using page numbers and publication information shouldn't be a problem.


Now if you've customized the book or the Learning Path in MindTap and want your students to cite something you uploaded, you can consider using this model:


Online Course Material

Roderiguez, N. Unit 3, Lecture 3: Sociological Theories of Deviance. Retrieved from University of Houston Web site:


Hope this helps!