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How do you use Mindtap for Peer to Peer Interactivity (in online and blended/hybrid courses)


During a recent survey, the majority of the participants indicated that Peer to Peer interactivity was important. In some LMS' like Canvas, creating pairs, teams, and groups can be done manually or through automatic segmentation. For online, and blended/hybrid courses activities can be assigned to groups for completion. Peer review of activities is another feature that can be leveraged in Canvas.


With so many different LMS' in use across the field, there is a strong possibility that someone has already discovered some interesting methods for Peer to Peer Interactions.  

None of us is smarter than all of us.

So with that in mind, how do you use the resources within MindTap for your Peer to Peer Interactivity? If you're not using MindTap for Peer to Peer Interactivity, please share which LMS you use and how you use it for Peer to Peer Interactivity. 


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Re: How do you use Mindtap for Peer to Peer Interactivity...

We use Mindtap in my Intro Computing course and half the class grade is centered around the Concept reading and discussions. Each week we start with a Hot Technology RSS feed and the students are required to Discuss these topics in groups on our Forum and relate it to the Concept/Lesson for the week.


Another thing we do is have the students add any of their notes or flashcards from the reading to a OneNote Collaborative site so all students benefit while studying for exams.  There is still SO much more of MindTap that we need to use more; hoping to add Portfolios to our class next!