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How do you successfully integrate Aplia in your courses?

We have been using Aplia for years now; unfortunately, our instructors and students are not really that impressed!


We have found that both students dread their assignments in Aplia (not interactive, the readings are not engaging, the platform seems outdated, etc.) and because of this, instructors dread assigning Aplia assignments to students.


How do you use Aplia in your courses? We are considering offering those assignments as extra credit and to help students improve from Pre to Post tests (diagnostics in Aplia). Do we know if there is an alternative to Aplia on the horizon (or improvements made to Aplia)?


Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Re: How do you successfully integrate Aplia in your courses?



I use Aplia as a type of reading check or reading comprehension activity for my students. I assign the reading and then the Aplia exercise to make sure my students are understanding the material. Sometimes I will also assign Aplia exercises at the start of a semester to check on where my students are entering the class. I can use them as a check-point to know what I need to cover in class. Other times, I will assign specific Aplia exercises to specific students who may be struggling with specific concepts. This gives them the practice they need.