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How do you structure the course to ensure all students use the adopted digital product?

One of our schools here in Michigan is using MindTap for the first time this semester, for a large Intro Psych course. The lead instructor was curious to hear from experienced users as to how to ensure that all students in the course are actively engaging with the digital content/assignments in MindTap. Is there a threshold in the % of overall grade that is the tipping point for 100% participation? She needs to be able to show that the pass grades have improved with digital, and worries that assigning digital will be a problem if ALL students do not register. Thank you!

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Re: How do you structure the course to ensure all student...



We are using MindTap for our American History course and we have made it 20% of the final grade.  We have had great success and to ensure that everyone was using it across the board we created a LMS shell for our adjuncts with assignments embeded.  They must do the minimum and can require more.  We are off to a great start.  What we have learned is the percentage has to be more than a letter grade for our students to be vested.  The 20% mark gets their attention and we've seen grades and retention increase in our courses.


Hope this helps.