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How do you relate topics in Organic Chemistry to students everyday life?

I teaching using POGIL and don't require a specific textbook but I do use OWLv2 for LabSkills. I have used the Brown textbook before and McMurry.

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Re: How do you relate topics in Organic Chemistry to stud...

There are so many common everyday items with organic compounds such as Shampoo, Gasoline, Perfume, Lotion, Drugs, Food additives, Plastics, Paper, Insect repellent, Synthetic fabrics (nylon, polyester, rayon), Paint, Mothballs (naphthalene), Enzymes, Nail polish remover, Solvents, Vitamins, Soap, Candles, etc.


How about having the students complete a scavenger hunt for common household items that contain organic chemicals? The hunt could be done digital or pen and paper. Another thought would be Two Truths and a Lie. Students could share three items in their living space. Two would contain organic chemicals, and one would not. The rest of the students would have to guess which item is the lie.


Maggie Major