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How do you inform students about how you'll use tech?

Curious about the best way to inform your students about the tech tool you're going to use during the semester. Anything in addition to putting a note about it in your syllabus (especially in the grading area)?


Also: has any one created a video for your students that tells them how and why you're using the tool?  Just want to make sure I get students off on the right foot.  


Any resources you want to share are much appreciated!

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Re: How do you inform students about how you'll use tech?

I give written instructions on how to access and use the tools. I usually provide a link to a Cengage tutorial of the tool, if there is one available that I like and describes the way I want to use it. Sometimes the one that is available uses a different LMS or does not describe the way I will be use the tool, so I will create my own video and place it in the LMS. The courses I set up are rolled out to adjunct faculty as well, so the videos have to be for more than just my students. These videos allow me to include information that will also help the off-site adjuncts as well.