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How do you handle group testing in a large classroom setting?

Hello. This is Mary Ann Parrott, LC in Raleigh, NC. I have a question from one of my dear clients. Any ideas here?



The only other challenge I am facing is the group quizzes, which are conducted in the classroom.  Last year, I had to pull five questions from the test bank pool and then rearrange the question answers so that they matched the scratch-off sheets.  Then, everything had to be put into PPT. While this sounds simple, it was very time consuming—at least two or more hours per chapter. In addition, the answer scratch-off sheets are very expensive.  I am
wondering if by chance you can think of a way to create that in-class group quiz in a more simple

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Re: How do you handle group testing in a large classroom...

I teach large sections (slightly over 200 students) and give daily quizzes.  The students are required to bring their laptops to class so I create the quizzes in Blackboard, our LMS.  I also allow the students to work on the quizzes in small teams if they wish.