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How do i make a test from the test bank to print?

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Re: How do i make a test from the test bank to print?

Well that depends on where you are creating the test..:).  If you bring it into your LMS quiz generator you'll have to look for a print option there.  You could manually copy and paste test questions from the bank to a word doc or you can possibly build a test in Cognero.  If you have an old copy of ExamView on your machine, you might even be able to build tests there!  Each of those options would have a different method of building and printing.  


There are many options for using the content. In addition to using the questions/answers on a hard copy of a test, you may also want to manipulate the information digitally by downloading it into a software program like Respondus or Studymate or your Learning Management System so that you can randomized the questions, generate them to students in sets, or weigh them differently. In addition to Cengage's assistance, you may want to ask your institution's IT dept. or help desk for direct assistance if you are unfamiliar with what software is available where you teach.


This link takes you to Cognero information: .  Good luck and have a great semester!