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How do I assign a password restriction to a test?

Some of my students will need to take tests at proctoring centers. 

When I go to edit the activity in MindTap, password restriction does not appear as an option. 

Textbook is Horizons: Introductory French , 7th Edition


Thanks for your answer. I have to create assignments directly through MindTap. Is there no way to set a password there? 


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Re: How do I assign a password restriction to a test?

Hi, @lisa_barnett,


Happy to help.


Are you linking MindTap through your Learning Management System (LMS)? If so, that's where you can add the password restriction. Our college requires proctoring for certain exams online as well, so the settings take place in the LMS.


If you need help with a specific LMS, let us know which one you use. Likely there's a person with direct experience here who can help.