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How can I stop copying and pasting from a test? I noticed that students can copy and paste all of the questions from a test and shut down the test.


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Re: How can I stop copying and pasting from a test? I not...

Hello, @stacygiff,


Kudos to you for catching this! Staying on top of cases like this is important in maintaining academic integrity in our classrooms.


As @Sandy_Keeter mentioned, a custom browser software might be a good first step. First, check what's in the Learning Management System at your college. Desire2Learn/BrightSpace has Respondus LockDown Browser to increase online test security (but this is also a software many colleges have aside from an LMS, so check with your institution). This makes students unable to print, capture screen content, go to other URLs, or access other applications, including other browser windows.


Then, there may be additional security features to check in your LMS. Ask at your institution whether you currently have access to other test proctoring software, like ProctorU, ProctorU Auto, Honor Lock, Smarter Proctoring, Tegrity Test Proctoring, or Proctorio. There are others, but these are some of the popular services that are either completely free to students (if your institution has a site license) or that can be used in combination with existing programs on a case-by-case basis.


Good luck!