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How are you verifying students registered for the class? Are students completing the assignments?

When teaching online classes, it is difficult to know who is completing the assignments. What methods are you taking to ensure that the students signed up for the class are the students completing the MindTap assignments? I am planning to experiment with requiring my students to record themselves and their screens when completing some of their MindTap assignments using a FREE Chrome Extension Add-on called CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording provided by Cattura. I plan to require students to upload their videos into a Google Drive folder and share it with me.


Your ideas are greatly appreciated.

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I don't have a good answer for this question, beyond installing proctor-like applications. I know this issue is of significant concern for those of us who teach primarily online. The subtext is "how do we validate student course participation?" Just as importantly, what happens when you suspect that the work submitted is not being completed by the student? I know that some institutions fall back to the Plagiarism paragraph in the syllabus.
It's because of these types of issues that instructors find themselves 'policing' their courses as much as 'teaching' them! I would prefer to have some other transparent, automated system check, that would do the validation randomly throughout the time the student is logged into the course room. For submitted written assignments, validating the author will be more challenging; especially if they wrote original content and did so at about the same level of the actual student.
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Thank you to everyone who responded to this question. There is really no right answer and all of you had great ideas.
The one main issue I am having with Capturecast is that many students have to change their computer's display settings for the Desktop sharing to work properly. I am finding much success with my students using Capturecast to record themselves talking about their lab results. Since implementing "hands-on" labs with eScience Labs and requiring students to record themselves discussing their lab results and explaining what they did in the lab, the lab exam grades have increased by 10%. I think the main thing that these two new requirements are doing is students are spending more time doing real labs and taking the time to think about what they did.

As far as proctored exams are concerned, I'm still working on this. There are some proctoring programs that will load in an LMS such as Proctorio and Tegrity, but students have to pay extra. So my workaround right now is for students to use Capturecast to record themselves completing an exam that has a pool of questions since they could potentially share their video recordings with classmates.

As for the lockdown browser, that doesn't help to prevent students from looking things up on another device or having someone next to them helping them with exams. And implementing more writing assignments really won't help for an online class when their husband/wife/friend/student for hire completes all of their assignments for them.

Zoom.Us sounds interesting. I recently attended a presentation in Zoom and saw there was a record button. I wonder if it will record for 40 minutes FREE.

I wish that YouSeeU was available in my MindTap courses (Biology). Students could easily record themselves. Does it allow screen recording to???
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Re: How are you verifying students registered for the cla...

I just installed that Cattura Capture Cast extension in Chrome.  It works really well.  Thanks for that tip because I hadn't heard of this little tool.  I like how it allows you to upload your videos to either YouTube or just your Google drive.  I saw some reviews saying that it crashes, but so far so good.