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How are you verifying students registered for the class? Are students completing the assignments?
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When teaching online classes, it is difficult to know who is completing the assignments. What methods are you taking to ensure that the students signed up for the class are the students completing the MindTap assignments? I am planning to experiment with requiring my students to record themselves and their screens when completing some of their MindTap assignments using a FREE Chrome Extension Add-on called CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording provided by Cattura. I plan to require students to upload their videos into a Google Drive folder and share it with me.


Your ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Wow Reggie,


This was an eye opening question because we have not had that issue.  What I will say is that we also have a large amounts of writing in our courses and that makes it easy for us to to determine who is doing what.  I've also added information into MindTap to help with writing assignments and I can tell who uses that and who does not. How did you catch this and what should I look for as we move forward?