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How Do I Manage All These Passwords?

It seems like I'm always logging into one site, then logging out and logging into another.  I downloaded 1Password, but how do you get this program to work with Google Chrome? I don't get it. 

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Re: Too Many Passwords!!

I have this same problem!  Here's what you do: with 1Password open, click on 1Password in the upper left and then click on Install Browser Extensions.  Then follow the instructions for whatever browser you use most often (although I installed 1password for all my browsers just in case...):





The next time you log into a website, 1Password will ask you if you want it to remember that login.  Say yes.  Then when you come to that site again but you're not logged into it, just click on the 1Password icon at the top of the Chrome browser (see below) and 1Password will recognize the site and give you its name.  Click on it, and you're logged in! I use Diigo a lot, so here's how it looks on Diigo:



Ta da!