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Has anyone successfully changed the header in CNOW assignments to show the assignment name? Using MindTap, ISBN-10: 1-337-56191-6

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See pages 140-141 onwards of the guide in the following link  When I print the assignment I want the header in the printed document to show the assignment name.  According to the users guide I should be able to export an assignment to a pdf or RTF.  The buttons "print" and "save as" show up and I can even select the macro = assignment name.  When I print the header shows undefined.  I tried the procedures using both Chrome and Firefox.   I created a case with technical  support regarding this issue.  I am checking to see if anyone got the results described in the users guide.


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Re: Has anyone successfully changed the header in CNOW as...

@sinjini_mitra has already indicated how it's done, but this document is a great reference as well if you need more information: