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HVACR Curriculum Developement

I'm developing a curriculum in HVACR and am interested  "Electricity for RHA/C" by Russell E Smith".  ISBN: 978-1-337-39912-8 . Is anyone using this book and associated resources.  The course is currently be offered as four credits.  I'm interested in feed back from instructors that Use Cengage and it's educational resources for HVAC-R educational structure.  I have the ability to turn this into a four semester offering if the instruction and lab details are well defined but my time is limited. I'm also developing the lab and it looks like the college is providing adequate space. Any feed back from current users would be appreciated.

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Re: HVACR Curriculum Developement

Wish I could help @Marc_Gilbert but that’s not my field and our college is closed for holidays so I can’t get a hold of the folks in that Department. Hopefully another FP will be on and able to help. 


Personally I’m thrilled with Cengage resources and support so I hope this works out for you especially since Cengage Unlimited could be a huge cost savings for your students over four semesters!!!