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End of Module projects - are these different than projects other than scenarios?


In Mindtap for NP Excel 2019 we have

Textbook projects – go with the text tutorial

2 projects

End of Module projects – I thought these would match with the Review at end of chapter but they do not.  Was there a thought on how to use the EOM projects?  Just more practice?

Is there an automatic grading mechanism for text Review and Case studies?

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Re: End of Module projects - are these different than pro...

The project 1a and 1b and end of module projects are all different and do not match any of the book assignments, but test similar skills.  1a/1b are  bit more business related and the end of mods are more like what you see in the book.  You are provided with the solutions to the end of module assignments in the book, but you would have to grade these on your own.  


By having so many options you can assign some for practice and some for grade or you can rotate them among modules or semesters to keep students on their toes (and from gaming the system and passing them around to peers).  I hope this is what you were looking for and that things are going well for you!