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Dropping a student in MindTap.... Pros and Cons?

I think this has come up before, but I can't find the earlier conversation.  I will be withdrawing one of my students at midterm for non-participation (as per my school's policy), and I know how to drop her in MindTap, but it seems like someone mentioned a reason to reconsider dropping the student from the MindTap roster.  Does anybody remember this? 



Does anybody know what happens when we drop a student? Are their records preserved? Can we reinstate them? Do they completely lose access?
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Re: Dropping a student in MindTap.... Pros and Cons?



I'm the one who brought up the alternative.  We have had students state that they paid for the content (much like paying for the book) and wanted to take advantage of it for their period.  We block them in our LMS and then leave them in MindTap.  If they make the effort to log on and use the text more power to them.  We've had two that I know go back in and read the book.


Hope that helps.