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Does anyone have research statistics on how little college students REALLY know about MSOffice?

They think they know it, but really are not that proficient.  I'm going to my Dean with requests from our Industry Advisors to make it a requirement by all students at our College.  We're also hoping to get involved with a SAM Challenge as a pre-test at the beginning of the semester for all students, just to prove how little they know!

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Re: Does anyone have research statistics on how little co...

From informal surveys that I have done in my classes, I find that students are quite adept at Word and Powerpoint but their expertise and skills vary greatly for Excel. For example, I have seen students (including transfer students that come from Community Colleges) with little to no knowledge of even the basic Excel functions but have also seen students with quite advanced knowledge of Excel. Most of the latter students are those that regularly use Excel in their work. A lot of international students also have limited knowledge of Excel, in my experience.


The courses I teach require extensive Excel skills and we teach some of them too. In most cases, we just assume that students have no knowledge of Excel and design our lessons accordingly. Still some students are found to struggle.