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Does anyone have research statistics on how little college students REALLY know about MSOffice?

They think they know it, but really are not that proficient.  I'm going to my Dean with requests from our Industry Advisors to make it a requirement by all students at our College.  We're also hoping to get involved with a SAM Challenge as a pre-test at the beginning of the semester for all students, just to prove how little they know!

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Re: Does anyone have research statistics on how little co...

Hi There Sandy and all,


Just think about developmental students for a moment. I believe that the high schools have deleted the Microsoft/computer course from the curriculum. The first week, I will be discussing simple computer tasks and how to send an e-mail through our learning mangement system.


I am with you on the crusade to require a pretest to see how much they actually know. I would love for students taking an online course to have an orientation before signing up for the class.