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Course Code

Where do I find the code for Mindtap in my Blackboard courses?

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Re: Course Code

It depends on what kind of "code" you're looking for.


If students need to enter an access code, it will either be on the card they purchase from your bookstore or they may receive it via email if they buy online. This is the code that basically tells Cengage that the student has purchased the text. The access code is different from the course code, which tells MindTap which class a student is enrolled in (so their grades will be logged in the correct course gradebook).


Keep in mind that if your MindTap course is deep linked in Blackboard (students click links in Blackboard to go to their MindTap course), then you may not be able to provide a course key. In that case, have your students go back to Blackboard and click a reading link. That action will tell MindTap which course your student is in (and where to send their grades). 


I find that videos like the one posted by SherriSinger can also help. And don't be afraid to contact your Learning Consultant -- they'll be glad to help you sort out what to do in your specific case!