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Computer Concepts Placement test

Do any of you use a computer concepts placement test for new students?  If so, do you use SAM challenge and does this determine or satisfy a computer literacy requirement at your college?  We'd like to make our computer and internet literacy and Office Applications required for all students depending on how they perform on the computer placement test, if possible. Please share!

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Great Answers (1)


Re: Computer Concepts Placement test

We use SAM for our proficiency/placement testing. It seems to work very well. We use it for our Intro to Computing course and our Spreadsheet course. We have 2 exams for each proficiency exam - once for concepts with multiple choice/matching questions and once for task based questions to show their skills. We are able to run this as a final exam utilizing the same books and information taken from the course content and it satisfies the school requirements for proficiency testing. We also have the video proof if a student contests a missed answer on the task based question, which has helped resolve disputes when a student claims that they "did everything correct and it marked it wrong".

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