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Completed assignment unable to submit

Students have completed an assignment and it doesn't let them submit it, is there something on my side I need to change in order for them to submit?

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Re: Completed assignment unable to submit

It depends on the platform you are using. If you are in SAM, then it is possible that the file size is too large or it is not the correct file name. If it is the file name, it should give them an error message in red just above the file name. If it is the size, then it will give then a red X on a different screen after completing a series of error checks - virus scan, file size, etc.


If in MindTap, once you have opened the assignment, it should allow them to upload/submit an assignment if it is an approved file type - .doc, .docx, .xlsx., .PDF, etc. However, the student should receive an error message if there is a problem with the file. If this is only happening with one student, then I would suggest checking the file for errors. If this is happening with all students, then edit the assignment and check for open/close dates.