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Changing Course Name


I hope you are well. Do you know how to change the name of a course which already has been created?


Take care,



Great Answers (1)

Great Answers (1)


Re: Changing Course Name


There are tow places where you can change the name of a MindTap Course. The first is on the instructor end through managing courses. Here is a video instructing you how to make this change.



The second place you can change is within MindTap. This is the name the students will see. Here is a video on how to change the name of a course within MindTap:



Let us know if you need further clarification.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

Valued Contributor

Re: Changing Course Name

Sure, login to and scroll down to Manage Courses in orange. Once you have located the course you wish to change, scroll all the way to the right until you see the edit option. From there, you can edit the name and also the dates for the course. 


Re: Changing Course Name

Are you referring to a mind tap course? If so go into your instructor resources and then go to manage courses and click on the edit button on the far right and you will see all the options that you can change. I hope this helps but if you are referring to another Product besides mind tap, please let us know

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Re: Changing Course Name

Hello Ahmad,


Do you mean in MindTap? If so, when you first log through to begin designing your course, you should be able to adjust the dates of availability as well as Course name. Hope that helps.