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Can I make a MindTap Aplia assignment open and close early for an individual student? She needs to complete assignments early.

Thanks, Audrey and Sandy! We've been on spring break this past week. I actually set the assignment to open early, and then made it password protected. I sent the student the password, and it worked great. Once the time arrived for the assignment to open, I just removed the password protection. All of this was wtihin MindTap. I'm glad to have the info, though, about D2L since supposedly we are converting to it over the summer. At one time, there was also talk of using Canvas, so having that info was useful too. Thanks again for your help! Marie
That’s great!
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Re: Can I make a MindTap Aplia assignment open and close...

Hello, @Marie_Mackey,


This is a great question! Yes, you have a few options: 


1) If you are using an LMS and have integrated Aplia, you may want to approach early assignment setting from that side of things. For instance, my college uses Desire2Learn, and there's an option to adjust settings individually per students with this click path: Open the assignment => Restrictions tab => edit Special Access => Add student and choose extended due dates. 

2) If you are using Aplia inside of MindTap, you may want to simply set the start date earlier on the assignment. True, all students would see this . . . but if you're under a time crunch, you can easily do this to help that one student. To do that, go to the Learning Path. Click "edit" in the top right to turn the function "on." Find the assignment. Click "edit" so a new window opens. Add the available dates. 

3) If you don't want all students to have access, as @Sandy_Keeter mentioned, you can add a new assignment specifically for that student. However, you may then have to manually enter the grade into the grade book if you already have a single grade item tied. 


Feel free to share more information regarding whether or not you are using a specific LMS so we can help you. Alternately, you can also call Tech. Support at 1-800-990-8211 for walk-though assistance from a live individual. Good luck!