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Are there answer keys in Mindtap? For example, in a normal textbook assignment the instructor's manual would include suggested answers.


Text is; Eugene F. Brigham; Joel F. Houston
ISBN-10: 1-305-63593-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-305-63593-7 

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Unfortunately in this case the instructor resources for this text do not include keys for the assignments on MindTap. Smiley Sad
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I’m sorry! Ask your LC to check with the team to see if this is something they are working on and might be released eventually.
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Re: Are there answer keys in Mindtap? For example, in a n...

Hello, @ann_snell


Welcome to The Community!

In addition to checking the Instructor Resources for the Instructor's Manual or answer key, you may be able to view certain answers directly in activities. This is the case in my class for Aplia and CNow. When I try the activity as a student (or when I've viewing a submission), I can see the question and answer like this: 

Aplia screenshot.png


So you may also want to try this if you're looking for something specific. Remember that you can always reach out to your local Cengage Learning Consultant as well if you'd like a print copy of the textbook, instructor's manual, etc. They may not be available in all cases, but it's worth asking.  :-)


Let us know if you need additional assistance.